We have been working with leather for more than 400 years. We are convinced and fascinated by our craft, a craft that allows us to combine both tradition and innovation.



Our family has a long history in Backnang that, with all its highs and lows, can be traced back to the 16 Century.

Christian and Max Räuchle founded Räuchle Brothers in 1929 as vegetable tannery.

After Max Räuchle’s death in 1976, the siblings Annemarie Räuchle, MA Econ. and Maximillian Räuchle, leather

engineer took over the management and have performed these duties to the present day.

The production of chrome-tanned leather was started in the sixties. We have been tanning full-grain leather and chrome split in Poland since 1997. Chrome-free tanned split was carried out in the former Southern German Tanning Town of Backnang until the end of 2013.